Bodacious is:

Lee Shupp – lead vocals, guitars
Bill Coates – guitars, vocals
VK Jones – keys, vocals
Marty Cohen – bass, vocals
David Eisenberg – drums, vocals

We are experienced pros that have been in about a million bands.

Lee Shupp
Lee Shupp

Stage Name: Rock and Roll Rev
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: purple and red
Instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, keys, harp
Best gig ever: Opening for the Cramps at the Fillmore on Halloween
Worst gig ever: playing a frat house in a punk rock band, where I had to negotiate both sides out of a gang fight
Weirdest gig ever: poolside party where all of the ladies had obvious augmentation and the need to share it with the world
Musician you would most like to have dinner with: David Bowie or David Byrne
Musician that you cannot stand: Axl Rose
Your philosophy towards music: “Let the energy flow through to the audience!”

Jim Goodkind
Bill Coates

Stage Name: Mild Bill
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Favorite Color: Fiesta Red
Instruments: guitars, vocals, mandolin, ukelele, funny faces
Best gig ever: still a secret
Worst gig ever: still a secret
Weirdest gig ever: coming soon
Musician you would most like to have dinner with: Jackie Green
Musician that you cannot stand: Zamfir
Your philosophy towards music: “Whatever, dudes…”

VK Jones
VK Jones

Stage Name: Doctor
Zodiac sign: It changes every 4 years
Favorite Color: Blue
Instruments: keys, vocals, zen meditation
Best gig ever: Old Ship Saloon until 3 am, two bonus sets
Worst gig ever: Outdoor gig in fog
Weirdest gig ever: They are all a little weird
Musician you would most like to have dinner with: Dave Matthews
Musician that you cannot stand: Madonna
Your philosophy towards music: “Share the ball!”

Harold Kinne
Marty Cohen

Stage Name: Smarty Clone
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Color: Black
Instruments: bass, vocals
Best gig ever: The last one played
Worst gig ever: No such thing
Weirdest gig ever: Too polite to spill the beans (so it must have been REALLY weird!)
Musician you would most like to have dinner with: Sir Paul
Musician that you cannot stand: Yanni
Your philosophy towards music: “Nobody gets left behind”

David Eisenberg
David Eisenberg

Stage Name: Einstein
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: blue
Instruments: Sticks, stones, pots, pans, anything you can bang on! Seriously, DW custom collector’s series. Ludwig, Gretch, Constantinople cymbals.
Best gig ever: San Francisco polo fields after a Bay to Breakers race. Limo, trailer, catered food, big press coverage
Worst gig ever: tbd
Weirdest gig ever: Nude Stock at Laguna Del Sol, playing for 2500 naked people outside Sacramento
Musician you would most like to have dinner with: Joan Jett
Musician that you cannot stand: Art Garfunkel
Your philosophy towards music in one catchy phrase: “I don’t want to play; I just want to bang on de drum all day!”